IMPORTANT: 1/7/21 changes for European buyers

Hello all

As I believe most people are aware, new rules with shipping/imports have come into place as of today, 1st July 2021. This is due to Brexit.

New rules state that all items being sent into an EU country from an non-EU country (in this case the UK) will be charged VAT.

Gaspode's Ponies will continue to run as 'Delivered at Place'.  This means:

  • Delivered at Place (DAP): This indicates that the seller is only responsible for shipping the product, while the customer has to absorb any import costs

In other words, when parcels from our store go through customs in your country you may be charged additional import costs/VAT by your postal service. Please bear this in mind when ordered from our store if you live in in an EU country.

Best Wishes,

Gaspode x

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