My Little Pony Weekly Spotlight: Applejack

My Little Pony Weekly Spotlight: Applejack

Hello and welcome to a new feature - a weekly spotlight blog all about one of our favourite ponies!

This week I'm writing about Applejack - a girl who has been in every generation so far .... and just waiting on her G5 debut :D I guess we will have to wait and see on that one...

G1 Applejack came in two poses: Shy Pose and "Collector's Pose" and in my view is beautiful in either :D She also had a super cute baby in her own image - this was a European/UK Exclusive and we are so lucky to have got her - she's adorable!  If you'd like to purchase Baby AJ we have one for sale here:


She also featured on lots of vintage 80s merch - what's your favourite? I love the hangers (feel very nostalgic!) and the umbrella is so fun!


She also shows up regularly in retro merchandise - I think because she is such an enduring character in the franchise.  Check out these laces and even a bobblehead (still available on the store here:


However, as a huge Stranger Things fan I do have to say my fave Applejack item of all time may just be the incredible "Upside Down" version....

Long may Applejack continue to brighten up our days and our shelves (and Xmas trees)!!!


 If you are interested in seeing our current range of Applejack related items please check out:

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