My Little Pony Weekly Spotlight: Blue Belle

My Little Pony Weekly Spotlight: Blue Belle

Hi everypony and welcome to our second weekly spotlight... this time Blue Belle!


(Image credit: mylittlewiki)


One of the original 'Collector Pose' ponies, in my opinion Blue Belle is underrated (I'm biased... my fave colour is blue :)) She seems to rarely pop up in merch and she hasn't reappeared in any other generations to my knowledge beyond G1 - bless her!

However, there were multiple variations made of this girl including an adorable Piggy: 



(Image credit: mylittlewiki) 

and an incredible Italian version combining the colours of AJ with the design of Blue Belle - often called 'Applebelle' by collectors:

(Image credit: mylittlewiki / SoSilver)

Some bits and bobs of merch do exist, like the super cute dollymix and this Enesco Christmas ornament 

(Which I have for sale here:

but in general.... why not much Blue Belle? It's truly a mystery to me, this girl deserves so much more.... I'm a big monochrome pony fan so (sorry Bowtie fans!) I think she should appear just that bit more often, perhaps in place of Bowtie who pops up an awful lot more perhaps because of her pink mane/tail???

Finally, did you know that some batches of G1 Blue Belles' dye didn't take correctly and we ended up with an amazing assortment of 'white Blue Belles' with adorable swirls of creamy white plastic on head and body - a massive variety of which exist and are super sought after by collectors:

(Image credit; Gaspode)

Long Live Blue Belle! 

(Not to be mistaken with this girl: )


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