My Little Pony Weekly Spotlight: Minty

Hi everypony, welcome to our new weekly spotlight about everyone's favourite green gal - Minty!

(Flat foot available here

So let's first address the elephant in the room.... why the name Minty and the symbol of clovers??  I have always assumed it is down to her colouring but I wonder if anyone has ever found a definitive answer - please do email me if you know!! Either way she's adorable for sure! 

Minty has been present in all gens so far except G2 (although some other ponies with clover leaves exist in that gen - I'm looking at you Clever Clover :D)  She has even managed to pop up in g5 - although her symbol has changed over time to some peppermints like on this G3 girl:

(G3 Minty available here)

Her hair colour changes around too, sometimes white, sometimes pink - she likes to keep us guessing a little :)

She is one of the original 6 ponies so she can be a fun "army" pony to have (where you collect more than one version of a pony or even multiples of the same version....) because there are lots to go at, even a Piggy from Spain:

(Picture credit: Gaspode's Ponies)

and a gorgeous brown eyed girl from Greece:

(Picture Credit: Gaspode's Ponies)

and to keep us guessing further she has a whole host of yellow versions from Italy with all kinds of wild hair colours!

I guess the thing I like best about Minty though is that her colour is just that little bit different from all the pinks and purples that she stands out on any shelf and her sweet and clumsy nature in the G3 series is so adorable - she loves socks bless her!

Anyway I'll leave you with what I think would be Minty's favourite joke:

Why couldn’t the pony sing in the choir?




She was a little horse.

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